"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed our night at Sarti's. The food was great and it was good to see some familiar faces again, and to meet the new members too. I won't be renewing my membership for another year, but I'd like to thank you for making me feel so welcome. I will be sure to recommend The Supper Club as I have done already this year whilst I've been a member. It is a safe, friendly and welcoming way to meet people and make new friends.  Thanks once again."  Alex from Cumbernauld


"I just wanted to thank you for a year of fun events and enjoyable dinners with the Raeburn Supper Club. I very much enjoyed my time with the Club - going out for dinner at the weekend when someone else has organised it and all you have to do is turn up is lovely. At this time last year my weekend diary was often empty or uninspiring and the Raeburn dinners provided a new way to eat out in good restaurants and make new friends. Some were passing acquaintances and some have grown into lasting friendships and provided a new social circle. Most importantly, and despite the fact that ‘dating’ was the last thing on my mind and the aspect of the Club that I most disliked, I am in fact now in a fabulous relationship with someone that I met at the dinners. As such, I will not be renewing my membership this year. So thank you for the opportunity to make new friends and meet a partner who has made me the happiest person in the world. I very much appreciate the warm welcome that I received every time I arrived for a dinner or event and wish you continuing success with the Club."  Hannah from Glasgow


"As you found out the other day, I am going out with Jack—something I am very happy about!  I wanted to thank you very much for having me in the club these past two years. I have greatly enjoyed and appreciated the Raeburn. I think it is a wonderful idea.  As Yvonne knows, I joined the Raeburn following a long and gruelling illness. I appreciated Yvonne’s understanding and kindness the day she interviewed me. The Raeburn gave me the opportunity to get dressed up, get out into the world again and meet new people. I thoroughly enjoyed the dinners and events, and I am truly sorry to be leaving.  Hopefully see you again some time. I wish you both the very best of luck in the future.  Thanks again." Lorna from Falkirk


"Just to let you know that I am not going to be renewing my membership - only because I am in a relationship now so it doesn't seem right.  I had a great time at all the events - please pass on my best wishes should anyone ask about me. Thanks for providing such a lovely club."  Sandy from Fife.


"I just wanted to write to say how much I enjoyed my first Raeburn Supper Club event on Saturday at the Burns Night. It was a wonderful evening with some lovely people and it was great to have the opportunity to participate in such an event. A ceilidh is hardly the sort of thing that I could attend alone and it is many years since I have been able to dance the night away! It was great fun. Thank you for organising this - I am eagerly looking forward to my next dinner with the Club." Lynne from South Queensferry


"Really enjoyed the Raeburn Holiday.  Such an interesting part of Spain and the weather was very pleasant. "Just You" were very good, Jackie our guide couldn't have been better and hotel, service and food all super.  Thanks again for organising this lovely break." Donald from Edinburgh


"Just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed my evening at the restaurant bar and grill in Princes Square on Saturday evening. I was very nervous walking up the escalator but I was soon made to feel welcome with the warmth and friendliness of the other guests. I am very glad that I decided to take the plunge and I look forward to many more days and evenings in the company of such stimulating people.

Thank you both"  Sarah from East Kilbride


"I would just like to thank you and your team for making last night's wine tasting and gallery exhibition very enjoyable especially since it was my first event.  A lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes and hope Andy still has his voice. " Lee from Glasgow


"The last time I attended one of your events was on 4th July 2012 at a restaurant in Hope Street where I met Fraser and we have been going out and about together ever since!  I often think it was most fortunate that I met you both at the WOSL and out of about 400 women, we chanced to sit at the same table!

My husband died almost twelve years ago and meeting Fraser has really transformed my life - and his life too has changed for the better.   We are looking forward to a holiday in Lanzarote next month where hopefully we shall enjoy some winter sun.


Thank you, Raeburn Supper Club!"   Karen from Perth


"Just wanted to say thanks for a great evening yesterday. I met lots of really great people and had some interesting chats! Sorry I didn't thank you both in person last night, I was looking for you both at the end but then I was dragged off to the pub!"  Sam from Glasgow


"I hadn't realised I'd been a member for almost a year! I have enjoyed the events and I have met some very nice people and one person has become a very close friend. I think joining the club has been one of the best things I have ever done." Tricia from Edinburgh


"Your recent letter prompted us to write to inform you that we were no longer participating in your club as we have been together for the past year and got married a few weeks ago. Your club is excellent and I enjoyed all the events and dinners I attended. The last dinner I attended when Laura and I met was definitely my favourite function! With many thanks for a first class service and best wishes for the future of the club." Keith and Laura from East Lothian


"I would like to thank you for making me most welcome at the Raeburn Club. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the events which I have attended. Hopefully I will be able to attend more of your social events over the coming year." John from Dumbarton


"I notice that my annual membership is up at the end of October. I don't wish to renew my membership however so am contacting you to confirm this. As it happens I have met someone; from the outings to Raeburn events - so that's pretty good isn't it! So, farewell and thanks for all the super events you have put on over the months - lots of great things we did, people we met and super places we visited. I did love the Budapest trip and of course always looked forward to the Christmas and summer get-togethers especially. You have created a great atmosphere at the club and I have always felt you have run it superbly. All the best with it - long may it continue. I shall recommend the club to others." Nick from Edinburgh


"I'm only just beginning to come down to earth after a wonderful weekend in Budapest. Thank you so much for organising it and for everything you did to make it such a success." Anne from Glasgow


"Thanks to you girls I have met someone special through the Raeburn Supper Club so watch this space, you may be asked to buy a hat!!! I've had so much fun and met such nice people over the last year, not least yourselves. I am genuinely sad not to be a member anymore. You run a wonderfully professional service and I would be very happy to make a testimonial or indeed, if you ever need some help, greet and meet newcomers at the Edinburgh events." Kirsteen from Edinburgh


"Thank you both for your very kind invitation to Marshalls and for all the hard work which you had put into organising such an enjoyable evening. It was my first visit to one of your events and I could not have wished for a more delightful evening with such excellent food and wine. Four hours simply was not long enough!" Graeme from Edinburgh


"Thanks for your letter inviting me to rejoin for a second year. Doesn't time fly when you are enjoying yourself! It's been a good year with lots of interesting places to go and people to meet. I am glad it is proving so successful and enclose a cheque for my renewal. Thank you!" Emily from Glasgow


"I have so enjoyed the last few years as a member and have made many good friends. It really was one of the best things I have done. I now have an interesting and varied social life and will always be grateful to the Raeburn for giving me that. I wish you continued success in the future." Sandra from Carluke

The Raeburn Supper Club


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